Be brave like Ukrainians! Help us win and stop the war Be brave like Ukrainians! Help us win and stop the war

Roosh Ventures is an entrepreneurs-led early-stage venture firm


Pre-seed - Series A


Agnostic with a slight focus on fintech, gaming, and web3


Europe, the US, opportunistically - rest of the world

Our co-investment partners who share the same vision

How we
add value

Entrepreneurs are in the driver’s seat of our fund — we know what it’s like to build a company from the ground up. Our team is diverse and has strong expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We are currently developing an all-encompassing
AI ecosystem in Ukraine — under the name Roosh — and Roosh Ventures is its investment-focused vehicle.

Roosh consists of several companies that serve one big goal — to build AI and ML product companies in Ukraine and give talents an opportunity to do so.

Roosh Ventures accelerates the development of your startup.

How? We offer:


Expertise in AI and Machine Learning from CTO’s of Roosh projects


Support of ML-based tech requests by our AI/ML outsourcing company


Recruitment of exceptional ML and tech talent by own recruitment agency


Guidance in business development and connections to our network of VC firms, entrepreneurs, and startup founders